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Race, Ethnicity, and Politics (B.A.) - PS 34

Rigorous training in the study of racial and ethnic differences in the United States and in other regions of the world. This training will lead to an in depth understanding of citizenship, nationality, violence, immigration, and other political phenomena.



Lower Division required:

  1. POLI 10 or 10D

  2. Two of the following introductory sequence lower division courses POLI 11 or 11D, POLI 12 or 12D, POLI 13(R)* or 13D(R)*

  3. POLI 30 or 30D

Upper Division required:

  1. Minimum three courses from Sequence A: POLI 100H, 100I, 100O, 100V, 100W, 100Y, 102C, 102D, 102J, 104A, 104I, 104N, 105A, 108
  2. Minimum one course from Sequence B: POLI 120N, 120P, 124, 130, 130AA, 130G, 134, 135D, 136, 137, 140D, 150A
  3. One course from Sequence A or B
  4. Seven additional upper-division courses (12 total upper-divisions)

*If POLI 13(R) or POLI 13D(R) are taken, then only one of the following can be taken for credit toward the major: POLI 13, POLI 13R, POLI 13D, or POLI 13DR.

Major Checklist:

In order to plan out your Political Science - Race, Ethnicity, and Politics major and remaining courses effectively, please utilize the Major Checklist below. The document is a fillable PDF; students are encouraged to review their plan and progress with the Department's Undergraduate Advisor.

Political Science - Race, Ethnicity, and Politics (B.A.) Major Checklist


Information Session:

On September 21, 2020, the Department hosted an information session about the new major via Zoom. Below is both the PDF of the presentation and recording. 

PDF - Information Session: Political Science - Race, Ethnicity, and Political Science

Video Recording: