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Careers & Graduate School

Careers in Political Science

UCSD's Career Services Center also has expert career counselors. The Center also has some informative web pages for our majors, including: 

Be sure to visit the alumni page on our website which highlights accomplished graduates in both our undergraduate and graduate programs.

The School of Global Policy and Strategy at UCSD has an excellent page, titled "Industry Resources", that is curated with job boards, career blogs, and other helpful sites, all categorized into different industry sectors. 

On and Off Campus Job Boards




O*NET (US Department of Labor)

O*NET OnLine has detailed descriptions of various occupations and is used by job seekers, workforce development and HR professionals, students, researchers, and more.

Bureau of Labor Statistics: Occupational Outlook Handbook (OOH)

The U.S. Department of Labor provides the OOH to help people explore pertinent information relating to hundreds of occupations. Explore duties, reponsisibilities, training, pay ranges, education, and other important factors to consider when it come to deciding on an occuptaion. You can search occupations in alphabetical order as well. 

American Political Science Association

The American Political Science Association's Careers and the Study of Political Science handbook is an excellent resource for Political Science majors. It may be purchased directly from the APSA website or borrowed from the Department (SSB 301) for up to one week. The APSA website also provides excellent information about careers for students who graduate with a degree in political science. 

APSA also has some very informative web pages for our majors regarding internships and careers, including: 

There are many options available to Political Science students after earning a bachelor's degree. 

Graduate School

UCSD's Career Services Center has expert graduate school counselors and informative web pages pertaining to graduate school exploration and preparation

Interested in attending law school?

The primary office for pre-law advising and resources is the Career Services Center.  Visit the UCSD Career Services Pre-Law page for informatioen about the legal profession and applying to law school, including contact information for the Department's Pre-Law Board, which includes attorneys currently enrolled in the doctoral program in political science. 

Other sites that may be of help when considering law school include:

Additional Resources recently added resources that students can check out here:

Studying Political Science

Obtaining Letters of Recommendation

Many graduate school programs, internships, and even career opportunities ask that students provide letters of recommendation as part of the application process. As part of your request to obtain a letter of recommendation from a Political Science professor, instructor, supervisor, or graduate TA, and in accordance with FERPA guidelines, please send those from whom you are requesting a letter a link to the Instructional Support for Faculty page and the quoted statement below:

“I consent to the release of personal and educational information about me in the letter of recommendation that I have requested from you. This authorization allows you to release all information about me, within the University’s possession, to [fill in details (e.g., any other educational institution, any centralized application processing services (list by name if possible), both, etc.]. This authorization shall remain valid unless and until it is rescinded in writing.”