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  • Christina Cottiero

    Christina Cottiero

    International Relations, African Security Politics, Regional Organizations, Foreign Policies of Authoritarian Regimes

    Dissertation Title: Staying Alive: Regional Integration Organizations and Vulnerable Leaders

  • Lucas de Abreu Maia

    Lucas de Abreu Maia

    Political behavior, public opinion, political representation

    Dissertation Title: Ideology in Mass Publics: How ideological identification shapes our politics

  • Nhat-Dang Do

    Nhat-Dang Do

    Race and Ethnicity in Politics, American Politics, Lobbying

    Dissertation Title: Achieving Representation Through Racial Minority Interest Groups (RMIG) in the United States: Lobbying Activity in Legislative Politics

  • J Andres Gannon

    J Andres Gannon

    International Relations

    Dissertation Title: Use Their Force: Interstate Security Alignments and the Distribution of Military Capabilities

  • D.G. Kim

    D.G. Kim

    Race and Ethnic Politics, International Relations

    Dissertation Title: The Rise of China and Anti-Asian Racism in the United States

  • Charles McClean

    Charles McClean

    Comparative Politics, Political Institutions, Representation, Social Welfare, East Asia (Japan)

    Dissertation Title: Silver Democracy: Youth Representation in an Aging Japan

  • Brandon Merrell

    Brandon Merrell

    International Relations, Comparative Political Economy, Development, Inequality, Political Violence

    Dissertation Title: Leaders, Audiences, and the Use of Force

  • Rachel Schoner

    Rachel Schoner

    International Relations, International Law and Courts, Human Rights, International Organizations

    Dissertation Title: Repressive Regimes and Individual Petitions in the Human Rights Committee