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  • Matthew Bergman

    Matthew Bergman

    Party-Voter Linkages; Comparative Political Economy; Issue Competition; Western Europe; Electoral Systems

    Dissertation Title: No More Mr. Niche Guy: Multidimensional Voting in Proportional Systems

  • Garrett Bredell

    Garrett Bredell

    Comparative Politics, Political Behavior, East Asia

    Dissertation Title: The Costs of Party Switching

  • Taylor Carlson

    Taylor Carlson

    American Politics, Political Communication, Political Psychology, Race/Ethnicity, Research Design

    Dissertation Title: Through the Grapevine: The Hidden Consequences of Interpersonal Political Communication

  • Aaron Cotkin

    Aaron Cotkin

    History of Political Thought (Renaissance and Early Modern), Machiavelli, Hobbes, Republicanism, Leadership, Virtue, Approaches to Textual Interpretation. 

    Dissertation Title: The Recovery of Virtù: Imitation and Political Practices in the Works of Niccolò Machiavelli

  • Lauren Ferry

    Lauren Ferry

    International Relations, International Political Economy, Sovereign Debt

    Dissertation Title: Who Wins? The Political Economy of Sovereign Debt Restructuring Negotiations 

  • Scott M. Guenther

    Scott M. Guenther

    American Politics: Congress, Presidency, Voting Behavior, Electoral Rules, Political Psychology

    Dissertation Title: Voting Alone: Institutional Mediation of Social Influence on Political Decision Making

  • Dotan Haim

    Dotan Haim

    Insurgency, Counterterrorism, Social Networks, International Relations, Comparative Politics

    Dissertation Title: Civilian Social Networks, Word of Mouth, and Credible Counterinsurgency

  • Kyle Haines, Ph.D.

    Kyle Haines, Ph.D.

    Political Theory, Comparative Politics, Environmental Politics.

    Dissertation Title:  Critical Political Ecology and Environmental Crisis: Rhetoric, Development, and Decentralization in the US and Latin America

    Current Position: Post-Doctoral Fellow, UCSD Cross-Border Initiative


  • D. Alex Hughes

    D. Alex Hughes

    American Politics / Political Methodology

    Dissertation Title: Political Actors Use Social Networks to Coordinate Behavior 


  • Andrew Janusz

    Andrew Janusz

    Comparative Politics, Political Methodology, Latin America

    Dissertation Title: Race and Representation in Brazil


  • John Kuk

    John Kuk

    American Politics, Politics of Inequality, Race and Ethnicity, Political Behavior, Computational Social Science, Urban Segregation, Political Communication, Political Methodology, Causal Inference

    Dissertation Title: An Unequal and Polarized Democracy: Why Has Unequal Growth Caused Party Polarization in the American Public

  • Jonghyuk Lee

    Jonghyuk Lee

    Chinese Politics; Elite Politics; Comparative Political Economy; Authoritarian Distribution

    Dissertation Title: Collective Career Incentives and Resource Allocation in China

  • Heidi McNamara

    Heidi McNamara

    International organizations, international political economy, nonstate actors, private sector influence, institutional design, global governance

    Dissertation title: Who Gets In? Nonstate Actor Access at International Organizations
  • Brandon Merrell

    Brandon Merrell

    International Relations, Domestic Influences on Foreign Policy, the Political Economy of Interstate and Civil Violence, Accountability and the Media, Military Secrecy and Diplomacy

    Dissertation Title: “Wars for the People: Leaders, Audiences, and the Use of Force”

  • Michael Nicholson

    Michael Nicholson

    Immigration and immigrant integration, political behavior, the politics of race and ethnicity, representation, European politics, survey methodology, causal inference.

    Dissertation Title: Weaving the Invisible Thread: Immigrants’ Identities, Interests, and Host Country Political Participation

  • Nick Obradovich

    Nick Obradovich

    Climate Change Politics; Environmental Politics; Political Behavior; African Politics; Computational Social Science; Survey and Experimental Methods

    Dissertation Title: Essays on the Politics and Political Effects of Climate Change

  • Stan Oklobdzija

    Stan Oklobdzija

    American Politics, Campaign Finance, State Politics, Political Parties, Interest Groups. 

    Dissertation Title: Dark Parties: Citizens United, Dark Money Networks and the Evolution of Political Parties
  • Liesel Spangler

    Liesel Spangler

    American Politics, Racial/Ethnic Politics, Latino Politics, Political Institutions, Political Behavior, Immigration

    Dissertation Title:  Plural Governance: Race and Ethnicity in the United States

  • Clara H. Suong

    Clara H. Suong

    Security Politics, Domestic-International Nexus, Politics of Information, Political Authority, Text Analysis, Formal Modeling, Survey Experiments

    Dissertation Title:  In the Name of National Interest: Persuasion by Democratic Coercion and Delegation in Security Politics

  • Jiakun Jack Zhang

    Jiakun Jack Zhang

    International Relations/International Political Economy/Chinese Politics

    Dissertation Title: Is China an Exception to the Commercial Peace?