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  • Kathryn Baragwanath

    Kathryn Baragwanath

    Political Economy, Natural Resources & Environmental Politics, Comparative Politics, Latin America, Geographic Data

    Dissertation Title: The Effect of Oil Windfalls on Corruption: Evidence from Brazilian Municipalities

  • Matthew E. Bergman

    Matthew E. Bergman

    Comparative Institutions, Party Competition, Voting Behavior, Political Economy, OECD nations

    Dissertation Title: No More Mr.Niche Guy: Multidimensional Issue Voting in Proportional Electoral Systems

  • Garrett Bredell

    Garrett Bredell

    Comparative Politics, Political Behavior, East Asia

    Dissertation Title: The Costs of Party Switching

  • Christina Cottiero

    Christina Cottiero

    International Organizations, Regionalism, African Politics, Geopolitics and Foreign Policy, International Security, Authoritarianism, Elite Politics

    Dissertation Title: Staying Alive: The Strategic Use of Regional Integration Organizations by Vulnerable Leaders

  • Lucas de Abreu Maia

    Lucas de Abreu Maia

    American politics, political behavior, public opinion, political ideology, voting behavior

    Dissertation Title: Consequences of Ideology: Affective, Attitudinal and behavioral effects of ideological self-identification

  • Sara K. Guenther

    Sara K. Guenther

    Executive Politics, Regulation, State and Local Politics, Environmental Politics, Public Policy

    Dissertation Title: Relaxing Federal Rules: Political Determinants of Targeted Leniency

  • Huchen Liu

    Huchen Liu

    Interest groups, lobbying, presidency, interbranch relations, separation of powers, appropriations politics

    Dissertation Title: How Revolving-Door Lobbyists Win in Interest Group Politics

  • Charles McClean

    Charles McClean

    Comparative Politics, Political Institutions, Elite Behavior, Representation, East Asia (Japan), and Research Design

    Dissertation Title: Silver Democracy: Youth Under-Representation in an Aging Japan

  • Heidi McNamara

    Heidi McNamara

    International organizations, international political economy, nonstate actors, private sector influence, institutional design, global governance

    Dissertation title: Who Gets In? Nonstate Actor Access at International Organizations
  • Brandon Merrell

    Brandon Merrell

    International Relations, Domestic Influences on Foreign Policy, the Political Economy of Interstate and Civil Violence, Accountability and the Media, Military Secrecy and Diplomacy

    Dissertation Title: “Wars for the People: Leaders, Audiences, and the Use of Force”

  • Zoe Nemerever

    Zoe Nemerever

    American Politics, State and Local Politics, Legislative Politics, Rural America

    Dissertation Title: Rural Representation Gaps in the American States

  • Stan Oklobdzija

    Stan Oklobdzija

    American Politics, Campaign Finance, State Politics, Political Parties, Interest Groups. 

    Dissertation Title: Dark Parties: Citizens United, Dark Money Networks and the Evolution of Political Parties
  • Kristy Pathakis

    Kristy Pathakis

    American Politics, Underrepresented and Marginalized Groups; Race and Ethicity, Gender, Political Participation; Political Psychology; Political Behavior; Public Opinion

    Dissertation Title: In my Humble Non-Opinion: Differing information thresholds drive the gender gap in opinion reporting

  • Luke Sanford

    Luke Sanford

    Political Economy, Environment, Development, Natural Resources. Machine Learning, Causal Inference, Text and Image analysis

    Dissertation Title: Essays on the political economy of the environment; methods and applications

  • Cameron J. Sells

    Cameron J. Sells

    Comparative Politics, Political Parties, Latin America, and Political Methodology

    Dissertation Title: The Life of the Party: Grassroots Activists and Mass Partisanship in Latin America

  • Liesel Spangler

    Liesel Spangler

    American Politics, Racial/Ethnic Politics, Latino Politics, Political Institutions, Political Behavior, Immigration

    Dissertation Title:  Plural Governance: Race and Ethnicity in the United States

  • Clara H. Suong

    Clara H. Suong

    Security Politics, Domestic-International Nexus, Politics of Information, Political Authority, Text Analysis, Formal Modeling, Survey Experiments

    Dissertation Title:  In the Name of National Interest: Persuasion by Democratic Coercion and Delegation in Security Politics

  • Abigail Vaughn

    Abigail Vaughn

    International Political Economy; Global Financial Governance; Economic Statecraft; Geopolitics and Foreign Policy; Comparative Financial Institutions

    Dissertation Title: Geopolitics and the 21st Century Global Financial Safety Net