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  • Marco Alcocer

    Marco Alcocer

    Comparative politics; Political economy; Latin America

    Dissertation Title: Organized Crime Expansion and State Capture in Mexico


  • Mariana Carvalho

    Mariana Carvalho

    Comparative Politics; Political Violence; Latin America

    Dissertation Title: The Political Economy of Assassinations


  • Brian Engelsma

    Brian Engelsma

    Comparative Politics; Political Economy; Africa

    Dissertation Title: Farming for Votes: Producer Organizations and the Political Economy of Rural Africa


  • Thomas M. Flaherty

    Thomas M. Flaherty

    International Political Economy; economic geography; public opinion and inequality

    Dissertation Title: Geographic Mobility and Globalization Backlash: Evidence from the NAFTA Import Shock and Populist Votes for Ross Perot


  • Patrick Hulme

    Patrick Hulme

    International Security; U.S. Foreign Policy; Mixed methods

    Dissertation Title: In the Shadow of Congress: the Legislature’s Influence over Use of Military Force Decisions and International Bargaining


  • Syeda ShahBano Ijaz

    Syeda ShahBano Ijaz

    Comparative Politics; International Relations (Foreign Aid); South Asia

    Dissertation Title: Politics of Last Mile Service Delivery: Evidence on Aid and Accountability from Pakistan


  • Jiying Jiang

    Jiying Jiang

    Comparative Politics, Chinese Politics, Authoritarian Institution

    Dissertation Title: Authoritarian Ambiguity: Bureaucratic Conflict and Lawmaking in China


  • Mackenzie Lockhart

    Mackenzie Lockhart

    American politics; Voting and Elections; Methodology

    Dissertation Title: Do You Know My Name? How local elites influence primary election outcomes


  • Charles McClean

    Charles McClean

    Comparative Politics, Political Institutions, Representation, Social Welfare, East Asia (Japan)

    Dissertation Title: Silver Democracy: Youth Representation in an Aging Japan


  • Cassidy S Reller

    Cassidy S Reller

    American Institutions; State Politics; Political Parties

    Dissertation Title: Why do Third Parties Exist? Major Party Adaptation to Third Party Electoral Threats


  • Rachel Schoner

    Rachel Schoner

    International Relations, International Law and Courts, Human Rights, International Organizations

    Dissertation Title: Repressive Regimes and Individual Petitions in the Human Rights Committee