Placement History

Our graduate students have been very successful in securing positions at leading universities such as Princeton, Harvard, Yale, etc. and research organizations. The Placement History list indicates the current and original placements of students that obtained a PhD in political science from UCSD. View Placement History (PDF).

Comparable and transparent data on placement from other graduate programs can be found here.


Washington Monthly ranks UCSD 1st

UC San Diego has ranked 1st out of 279 institutions in Washington Monthly's 2015 national university college rankings.

U.S. News ranks UCSD Poli Sci Graduate School 8th

UCSD Graduate School (Political Science) ranked 8th; 5th in International Politics.

U.S. News ranks UCSD 19th globally

UCSD ranked 19th out of 750 universities around the world.

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Our Ph.D. program in Political Science is designed to break down barriers and build bridges across the subfields and give all of our students a broad command of the discipline as a whole, regardless of their area of specialization.

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