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Gary W. Cox

Professor Emeritus of Political Science

In addition to numerous articles in the areas of legislative and electoral politics, Cox is author of The Efficient Secret (winner of the Samuel H. Beer dissertation prize in 1983 and of the 2003 George H. Hallett Award), coauthor of Legislative Leviathan (winner of the Richard F. Fenno Prize in 1993), author of Making Votes Count (winner of the Woodrow Wilson Foundation Award, the Luebbert Prize and the Best Book in Political Economy Award in 1998); and coauthor of Elbridge Gerry’s Salamander: The Electoral Consequences of the Reapportionment Revolution. His latest book, Setting the Agenda, was published in 2005. A former Guggenheim Fellow, Cox was elected to the American Academy of Arts and Sciences in 1996 and the National Academy of Sciences in 2005.

The Efficient Secret
The Cabinet and the Development of Political Parties in Victorian England

Ph.D. California Institute of Technology, 1983 
American Politics, Formal Theory, Comparative Politics