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International Relations - PS 28

  1. Lower-division required: PS 12 and two of the following three introductory sequence lower division courses: PS 10, PS 11, PS 13
  2. PS 30
  3. Five upper-division IR courses with at least one each from the following two groups (the other 3 can be any upper-division IR courses):
    1. Foreign Policy/National and International Security: 124, 140 B-C, 140D, 142A, 142I-J-K-L-M-N-O-P-Q, 143A, 145A, 146A, 150A
    2. Political Economy/Theory of International Relations: 126AA, 126AB, 140A, 142L, 144 144AB, 144D, 144E, 144F, 145C, 146A, 151
  4. Seven additional upper-division courses (12 total upper-division)