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  • Matthew Bergman

    Matthew Bergman

    Party-Voter Linkages; Comparative Political Economy; Issue Competition; Western Europe; Electoral Systems

    Dissertation Title: No More Mr. Niche Guy: Multidimensional Voting in Proportional Systems

  • Aaron Cotkin

    Aaron Cotkin

    History of Political Thought (Renaissance and Early Modern), Machiavelli, Hobbes, Republicanism, Leadership, Virtue, Approaches to Textual Interpretation. 

    Dissertation Title: The Recovery of Virtù: Imitation and Political Practices in the Works of Niccolò Machiavelli

  • Scott Guenther

    Scott Guenther

    American Politics, Voting Behavior, Electoral Rules, Social Influence, Congress, Political Polarization, Environmental Politics and Policy

    Dissertation Title: Voting Alone: Institutional Mediation of Social Influence on Political Decisionmaking

  • Kyle Haines

    Kyle Haines

    Political theory, environmental politics, political ecology, development studies, Mexico, Bolivia, the US-Mexico border region.

    Dissertation Title: Putting the House in Order: The politics of ecological crisis

  • William Hobbs

    William Hobbs

    American politics, political behavior, methodology and research design, social networks, health

    Dissertation Title: Loss, change, adaptation: how people change when their lives do

  • Alex Hughes

    Alex Hughes

    Political Behavior, Social Networks, Experimental Methods ; American & Comparative Politics 

    Dissertation Title: Political Actors Use Social Networks to Coordinate Beahvior 

  • Jonghyuk Lee

    Jonghyuk Lee

    Chinese Politics; Elite Politics; Comparative Political Economy; Authoritarian Distribution

    Dissertation Title: Collective Career Incentives and Resource Allocation in China

  • Matthew Nanes

    Matthew Nanes

    Sectarian Conflict, Political Institutions, Policing, Ethnicity and Religion, Domestic Security, Terrorism

    Dissertation Title: From the Bottom-Up: Sectarian Conflict and Integration of the Bureaucracy in Divided Societies

  • Nick Obradovich

    Nick Obradovich

    Climate Change Politics; Environmental Politics; Political Behavior; African Politics; Computational Social Science; Survey and Experimental Methods

    Dissertation Title: Essays on the Politics and Political Effects of Climate Change

  • David Searle

    David Searle

    Political Communications, American Politics, Political Behavior, Congress, Race and Ethnicity in American Politics, Experiments

    Dissertation Title: Can Television Ads Persuade? Strategy and Persuasion of Television Advertising in Congressional Elections