Study Abroad in Political Science

From the Field

Before You Study Abroad:

Thinking of going abroad? The Political Science Department encourages its majors and minors to study abroad!

Political Science students can study all over the world through the University of California’s Education Abroad Program (EAP) or UCSD’s Opportunities Abroad Program (OAP). Study the Politics of Development in Barbados or Ghana. Debate International Relations, Political Economy, and Security Studies with students in Canada, France, Hong Kong, or Turkey. Learn through recent historical events the effects of democratization, state-building, and political transformation in Chile, Mexico, or Vietnam. Gain a new understanding of how ethnicity and national identity influence politics in the Czech Republic or the Republic of Ireland. The Study Abroad Office website offers additional information for UCSD students planning to study abroad.

Contact the Study Abroad Office at UCSD to decide where you want to go and obtain an Academic Planning Form.

Once you have completed the Academic Planning Form with the courses you plan to take while studying abroad, submit it to the Political Science Department during walk-in advising hours for a signature. 

Be sure to read how to transfer courses to the Political Science major that you plan to take or have taken abroad.

Study Abroad Events, Program Deadlines, and Scholarship Deadlines:

The calendar below is continually updated with information related to events and workshops hosted by the Study Abroad Office, program deadlines, and scholarship deadlines. For further assistance, the Study Abroad Advisors can help you navigate the application process and refer you to scholarships that can help finance your study abroad experience.

Petitioning Courses After You Study Abroad:

Documents for Petitioning EAP or OAP Courses for the Political Science Major UPON RETURN:

Petition for Study Abroad Credit Upon Return (PDF) -- Returning students, complete one for EACH course you are petitioning.  PLEASE DO NOT STAPLE THE PETITION PACKETS. You may paper-clip them together. 

Student Guidelines for Returning Abroad (PDF) -- Returning students, read and sign one copy only.

Political Science majors may transfer up to six courses from outside UCSD to the major. This includes EAP/OAP courses, community college courses, courses taken at other 4-year universities, and AP courses.

In order for study abroad courses to be allowable for the major, they must be Political Science courses, and transfer to UCSD as upper-division, with 4 or units each, and with a letter grade of C- or better. 

Courses may only be petitioned for the Political Science major once you have returned from studying abroad. If you have any questions regarding the petition process, please come in for walk-in advising or send a message via the Virtual Advising Center:

Global Concentration in Political Science:

The Global Concentration in Political Science capitalizes on students’ study abroad experience, language skills, and UCSD global content courses. This is not a major in Political Science, but rather a concentration that any political science major may formally declare once all of the requirements have been met. This is a transcripted concentration, meaning it will reflect on your transcript, but not on your final diploma.  You must notify the department that you wish to declare this concentration via the Virtual Advising Center or walk-in advising (no e-mails or telephone calls) so that your degree audit may be updated.   


 A minimum of eight units earned through study abroad, of which a minimum of four units would count toward the major;

• Demonstration of proficiency in a second language through the fourth quarter of university-level instruction.  Contact your College with questions about this requirement.  The Department of Political Science cannot authenticate language proficiency; and

 A minimum of two courses with department- or program-identified global content.  Political Science courses  POLI 11(D), POLI 12(D), and any POLI course numbered 120-159 taken at UCSD will satisfy this requirement.

Planning Ahead:

If you are interested in studying abroad but have not done so yet, please contact the Study Abroad Office to learn of your first steps.