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Comparative Politics - PS 27


  1. Lower-division: PS 11 or 11D and two of the following introductory sequence lower division courses: PS 10 or 10D, PS 12 or 12D, PS 13 or 13D
  2. PS 30 or 30D
  3. Five upper-division courses, of which:
    1. At least one from the following thematic courses: 120J, 120Q, 122, 122B, 122D, 123, 124, 124A, 125, 125A, 126, 126AA, 127, 128, 129136136A, 136B, 136C, 137A, 139A, 150A
    2. And at least one each from any two of the following regional areas:
      Africa: 120M, 120N, 120P, 120Q                                                                                                            Asia: 121, 121B, 130B, 130H, 131C, 132B, 132C,133A, 133D133G, 133J
      Europe: 120A, 120B, 120C, 120D, 120E, 120G, 120H, 120I, 120J, 126AB, 130AA, 130AC
      Latin America: 134AA, 134B, 134D, 134I
    3. The other two can be any Comparative Politics courses numbered POLI 120-139. 
  4. Seven additional upper-division political science courses (12 total upper-divisions)