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Minor in Political Science - Data Analytics



The minor in Political Science - Data Analytics is designed for non-Political Science students who wish to learn more about the fundamentals of statistical inference, probability, research design, data collection and management, hypothesis testing, and computation in the context of hands-on learning applied to political and social problems. 

Student must complete a total of seven political science courses (28 units), including two lower division courses (8 units) and five upper-division courses (20 units). All courses for the minor must be taken for a letter grade with a minimum passing grade of C-.

Course Requirements:

1. POLI 5 or POLI 5D (prerequisite for POLI 171 and POLI 172)
2. POLI 30 or 30D (prerequisite for POLI 171 and POLI 172)
3. A minimum of five of the following upper-division courses: POLI 100F, POLI 118, POLI 137, POLI 168, POLI 170A, POLI 171, POLI 172, POLI 173, POLI179*

Minor petitions can be found on Tritonlink and are submitted electronically. Be sure to complete the petition correctly by listing the seven courses (POLI 5(D), POLI 30(D), and five of the Data Analytics courses listed above) you plan to take to complete the minor.

Please reach out to the Department's Undergraduate Advisor via the Virtual Advising Center or in-person advising for more information.