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Political Science Student Association (PSSA)


The Political Science Student Association at UCSD (PSSA) was founded in Winter 2018. 

To hear about events, meetings, and other matters relating to PSSA, follow the PSSA Facebook Page

They also have an Instagram page, and you can follow them at: @pssa_ucsd


The purpose of the Political Science Student Association (hence, PSSA) shall be to promote the general welfare of Political Science Students at UCSD. The PSSA will do this by providing a place where Political Science Students of all backgrounds and ideological views can discuss without fear of persecution not only academic subjects but also current events and any other topics that students wish to discuss. It is expected that all members of the PSSA be courteous to those who do not share their views. The PSSA also aims to provide a place where Political Science Students can meet other Political Science Students outside of a classroom setting and provide opportunities for Political Science Students to further both their academic and career goals. The organization aims to do this through hosting informational meetings, study sessions, guest speakers, and other Political Science related events that promote either Academic or Career growth. Most updated Constitution.


Executive Board:

Presidents: Jewel Guo
Vice President – Finance: Luis Vazquez
Vice President – External Communications: Aanvi Jhaveri
Vice President – Internal Communications: Tiffany Vasques
Secretary: Lauryn Lin

Concentration Representatives:

American Politics: VACANT
Comparative Politics: VACANT
Data Analytics: VACANT
International Relations: VACANT
General Political Science: VACANT
Political Theory: VACANT
Public Law: VACANT
Public Policy: 
Race, Ethnicity, and Politics: VACANT

Perspective Representatives:

International Students: VACANT
Commuter Students: VACANT
Transfer Students: VACANT


  • President: The president is the official spokesperson of the PSSA and is responsible for holding, setting the agenda for, and presiding over PSSA and executive board meetings.
  • Vice President-External: VP-External is responsible for reaching out to other student organizations, off-campus organizations, and faculty members and coordinating their involvement in PSSA events.
  • Secretary: The Secretary is responsible for recording minutes at PSSA meetings, booking meeting rooms, helping set the agenda for meetings, and obtaining and filing reimbursement forms. 
  • Vice President-Internal: VP-Internal is responsible for facilitating communication between the PSSA and it's Executive Board, setting the agenda for Executive Board meetings, and running the PSSA Facebook page.