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Political Theory Workshop and Speaker Series

UCSD's Political Theory Workshop and Speaker Series offers graduate students and faculty the opportunity to debate new and developing research within the field of Political Theory. The colloquium meets on selected dates for presentations and discussions of works-in-progress by UCSD faculty, PhD candidates, and invited guests. Presentations from all areas across the discipline are welcome, including essays in the history of political thought, contemporary political theory, normative/ethical theory, and other theoretical engagements with political problems. Each presentation will be followed by constructive comments from a graduate discussant, after which there will be a period of general discussion. Papers will be distributed at least one week prior to scheduled talks (and all attendees are asked to read papers in advance of meetings). A schedule of upcoming talks, as well as links to speakers' papers, appears below.

Contacts - For more information regarding the talks and the scheduling of future presentations, please contact one of the following:

Faculty Director - Gerry Mackie, Graduate Student Coordinator - TBD


Fall 2013

Wed. Nov. 4, 12-2, UCSD Soc Sci Bldg 104
David Wiens, UCSD

Spring 2013

1 April 2013
12-2 PM
Soc Sci Blldg 107
Lisa Disch
Political Science & Women’s Studies, Michigan
When is Representation Democratic?:
Analyzing the “Constituent Effects” of Public Policy

8 April 2013
12-2 PM
Soc Sci Bldg 107
Tracy Strong
Political Science, UC San Diego
In Defense of Rhetoric:  Or How Hard it is to Take a Writer Seriously:  The Case of Nietzsche

2 May 2013
Corey Brettschneider
Political Science; Brown

13 May 2013
Soc Sci Bldg 107
Michael Gillespie
Political Science, Duke
“Nietzsche’s Most Abysmal Thought”


Past Speakers

Winter 2013

14 January 2013
Soc Sci Bldg 102
Barbara Buckinx
Visiting Scholar, Center on Global Justice

4 February 2013
12-2 PM
Soc Sci Bldg 107
David Ellerman
Philosophy, Mathematics, Economics
Visiting Scholar, UC Riverside; Fellow, UC San Diego Center on Global Justice

"Rights inalienable even with consent?  A litmus test for classical liberalism."

11 February 2013
11:00 AM – 12:45 PM
Room TBA
Jane Mansbridge
Political Science, KSG, Harvard; President, APSA
Discussion of her
“The Place of Self-Interest and the Role of Power in Deliberative Democracy” 

28 February 2013
Charles Beitz
Political Science; Princeton