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Methods Archive

Winter Quarter, 2017

January 18: No Meeting
January 25: Seminar Paper Presentation: Mariana (Duy)
February 1: Seminar Paper Presentation: Mackenzie (Kristy)
February 8: No Meeting
February 15: Seminar Paper Presentation, Lucas de Abreu Maia (Taylor)
February 22: No meeting (Job Talk)
March 1: Rachel (Abigail)
March 8: Seminar Paper presentation, Luke Sanford (Cameron)
March 15: MLE Poster Session
Mini workshop on Vignettes versus Conjoint Analysis: Taylor Feenstra, Andy Janusz, and Clara Suong

April 7
MPSA - No meeting

April 14 (CANCELLED)
Guest Speaker: Scott Demarchi, Duke (sponsored by HNG)

April 21
Guest Speaker: Matt Blackwell, Harvard

April 28
Mini workshop on Python: Stan Oklobdzija, Zachary Steinert-Threlkeld, and Nick Obradovich

May 6
Guest Speaker: Kosuke Imai, Princeton

Title: When Should We Use Linear Fixed Effects Regression Models for Causal Inference with Panel Data?

June 2

Mini workshop on multiple comparison adjustments: Jullia Clark and Cameron Sells

June 9
Mini workshop on RDD: Will Hobbs, and ?

Winter 2016:

January 7
Discussion of methods curriculum
January 14
Guest Speaker: John Ahlquist, GPS, UCSD
January 21
February 10
Garett Christiansen Guest Speaker
Garrett Christiansen, Lecture, (Cosponsored by PDEL)
Tackling the Reproducibility Crisis in the Social Sciences
Political Science, Psychology, and economics have each recently taken their turn in the spotlight with
instances of influential research that falls apart under scrutiny. There is growing evidence that much
social science research features false positives or is not reproducible. I review the source of these
problems, then discuss new techniques toincrease reproducibility, including changes in journal publication
processes and the use of public registries for preanalysis plans.

February 11
Garrett Christiansen, Workshop, (Cosponsored by PDEL)
A Reproducible Workflow: hands-on introduction to version control and dynamic documents to improve your research
This workshop will introduce you to free software tools that can help make your research more transparent and reproducible.
Working through a hands-on example of a research project from beginning to end, I will introduce you to R Studio, R Markdown,
Git and GitHub, and the Open Science Framework, and together we will walk through the steps required to register a project,
conduct analysis, save documents with version control, and post data in a trusted public repository. We will focus on version controland
dynamic documents, which allow you to do statistical analysis and write your final paper all in one document. This allows for a completely
reproducible paper from beginning to end with just one mouse click.

February 18

February 25
3rd Year Presentation: Yin Yuan

March 3
3rd Year Presentation: Julia Clark

March 10
Guest Speaker: Justin Grimmer, Stanford


Fall 2015:

October 8, 2015

Discussion of qualifying examinations

October 15, 2015

First qualifying paper: Taylor Feenstra
Discussant: Abigail Vaughn

October 22, 2015

Qualifying paper: Duy Trin
Discussant: Brandon Merrel

October 29, 2015
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Qualifying paper: Louis Weimer
Discussant: John Kuk

November 5, 2015
No Meeting - Job Talk

November 12, 2015
Discussion of Job Talks, led by  David Lindsey and Yunkyu Sohn

November 19, 2015
Discussion of Job Talks, led by Elaine Denny and Cameron Sells

December 3, 2015
Workshop on Hierarchical Models