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Independent Study - POLI 199

In a POLI 199 (Independent Study), students work under the guidance of a Core Faculty in the Department of Political Science, usually assisting the faculty members' own research or helping with a project. Overall, the agreement on the academic content is between the student and professor. Students take initiative to connect with an eligible faculty member to discuss the agreement for the quarter(s) in which they want to do the POLI 199.

It is up to each student to find the Core Faculty member with whom they would like to work with. Once you find a faculty member you are interested in working with, contact him or her directly to inquire if they are willing to work with you in a POLI 199.

You must enroll in POLI 199 by the add deadline.

Political Science students can complete up to two POLI 199 courses, each taken for 4 quarter units and earning a "Pass" grade, and apply the course(s) to their upper division Elective category of their major requirements.

Enrollment Process for POLI 199

Enrollment in a POLI 199 is now done through the EASy Preauthorization System. 

You must do the following:

1. Meet with the Core Faculty member with whom you would like to work with and agree on the parameters of the Independent Study
2. Complete all sections of the course request via EASy and provide detailed information on the work you will be doing with/for the faculty member
3. Select the 4 unit option for the course. Only POLI 199s taken for 4 units, and earning a "Pass" grade, will be allowable for the Political Science majors, up to two times, in the Upper Division Elective category of the majors. 
4. The faculty member must approve the EASy Request; it is then sent to the Department for review. If approved, it will go to your College and/or the Registrar for review. 

EASy Preauthorization Request Link:

Please note: Preauthorization for a course allows a student to enroll or waitlist in a course; it does not imply that a seat will be saved for you. 

Course Credit and Applicability to Major Requirements

In order for POLI 199 to be applicable for major credit, students must:

  • Enroll in POLI 199 by the add deadline
  • Enroll in POLI 199 for 4 quarter units
  • Earn a "Pass" grade

POLI 199 courses can be allowable for the Political Science majors, up to two times, in the Upper Division Elective category of the majors as long as they fit the criteria above.