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Office for Students with Disabilities (OSD) Accommodation Information

Students seeking accommodations must visit and register quarterly with the Office for Students with Disabilities (OSD) on campus. Only students who have been issued an Authorization for Accommodation (AFA) by the OSD are eligible for accommodation. Only then can the Political Science OSD Liaison work directly with the student to facilitate all exam accommodations.  If you have questions, please come in for walk-in advising or send a message via the Virtual Advising Center and select "Political Science" as the recipient of the inquiry.  We do not answer advising questions via email or telephone.  No exceptions.

Students must follow the steps below:

Step 1: Request Accommodations with OSD

  • Meet with an officer at OSD on campus as soon as course registration occurs each quarter to receive an Authorization for Accommodation (AFA) Letter.
  • Please refer to the OSD Website for further information.

Step 2: Present AFA Letter to Instructor and Political Science Liaison

  • As soon as a letter is issued one copy must be given to the Liaison in the Social Sciences Building room 301, M-Th 8:30A-3:30P (closed from 12-1P). The copy submitted to the Liaison does NOT require the instructor’s signature.
  • The other AFA copy needs to be given to the instructor.
  • Students are authorized to receive accommodations only as listed on the current AFA letter on file. AFA letters are only valid for a specific class and must be renewed each quarter.
  • No accommodations or space will be given until a letter is presented to the Liaison.  In fairness to all students, there are NO exceptions to this policy. 

Step 3: Schedule Exams with Political Science Liaison as Early as Possible

  • Students need to schedule their exam date far in advance (i.e. the day you are issued an AFA letter!!) to guarantee a space. Rooms for tests are limited. The department requires a minimum of two weeks notice before an exam.
  • The exam time will be scheduled and completed during regular office hours, unless otherwise arranged with the instructor or TA serving as proctor after hours.
  • If you cannot schedule your exam date in person, please send a message via the Virtual Advising Center  Do not send an e-mail as you will be referred to the VAC. 

Step 4: Exam Administration

  • The day of the exam, student should check in a few minutes prior to the start time of their scheduled exam.
  • No extra time will be given if a student arrives late.
  • If the instructor has indicated that the exam is closed book and closed note, students will be required to leave behind all personal belongings (cell phone, backpack, etc.) unless their AFA Letter indicates that they will need to bring in certain items. Extra pens, pencils, food, and water bottles are permitted.
  • If a student’s AFA Letter indicates they need a laptop for the exam, the only laptop permitted is the department laptop. 

Students are responsible for abiding by the UCSD rules of academic integrity.

For questions about exam accommodations and administration, please contact the Liaison