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Academic Senate Distinguished Teaching Award for Graduate Students

2022-2023 Recipients

Leo Falabella

This prestigious university-wide award recognizes the excellence of Leo's teaching and the many contributions he makes to his students and to pedagogy and mentorship at UC San Diego. 

2019-2020 Recipients

Isabel Gotti
Zoe Nemerever

2018-2019 Recipients

Lauren Ferry

Chancellor's Dissertation Medal

This award recognizes outstanding graduate students who have recently completed their dissertation. The dissertation is evaluated on its impact, originality, presentation, and quality of methodology and data.

DG Kim's dissertation, "Race in International Politics: China's Rise and the Weaponization of Identity in the Asia-Pacific" examines the relationship between anti-Asian resentment and foreign policy attitudes toward China. This is a highly competitive award: a single awardee is selected per School. Congratulations D.G.!

Friends of the International Center Fellowship

Jean Fort Dissertation Prize

Marsha Chandler Fellowship

The Marsha Chandler Fellowship is awarded each year to a second year Political Science graduate student in recognition of his or her academic excellence in the first year of the program. 

Recent Recipients

Austin Beacham

Giulia Corno

Yan Liu

Nathan Mariano

Kimberly Renk

Eddie Yang


Marye Anne Fox Dissertation Year Fellowship

President's Dissertation Year Fellowship

TA Excellence Awards

Each year, the Department of Political Science selects TA Excellence Award recipients based on TA evaluation scores assigned from undergraduate students.

Students who have taught section at least once during the academic year may self nominate. Interested applicants tally all evaluations; the Director of Graduate Studies makes the final decision. Upper-division courses and lower-division sections in other departments do not count. The call for applications will be sent out via email in the summer directly following each academic year. 



Sergio Guedes-Reis
Shelbi Swanson


Anthony Anderson
Eric Thai


Rachel Skillman


Matthew Draper
Dang Do
Isabel Gotti
Alexandra Lange


Lauren Ferry
Zoe Nemerever
Kristy Pathakis
Inbok Rhee


Taylor Carlson
Julia Clark
John Kuk
Lauren Ferry
Kelly Matush
Abigail Vaughn

Past TA Excellence Award recipients

Scott Bailey
Leigh Bradberry
Allen Bolar
Garrett Bredell
Richard Carney
Rumman Chowdhury
Nathan Combes
Saul Cunow 
Hugh Dauffenbach
Mark Farrales
David Fisk
Kathleen Gallagher
Isabel Gotti
Scott Guenther
Michael Hawes
Jessica Hills
Paula Jacobson
Danielle Jung
Delynn Kaufman
Michael Kelly
Jason Kuo
David Lindsey
James Long
Daniel Maliniak
Blake McMahon
Heidi McNamara
Brandon Merrell
Nathan Monroe
Ellen Moule
Angela O'Mahony
Kristen Parks 
Justin Phillips
Andrew Poe
Stephanie Rickard
Skyler Roth
Alex Ruiz
David Selby
Sam Seljan
Jaime Settle 
Ike Sharpless 
Christopher Shortell
Mona Vakilifathi
Abigail Vaughn
Alan Ward
Rosco Williamson
Wendy Wong