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Graduate Student Council

The Graduate Student Council is a student initiative designed to make graduate student voices heard in the department.

The success of this endeavor requires the support of the grad students.

What is the Political Science Graduate Student Council?

The Council is comprised of approximately 10 students in various stages of the program. This Council serves to communicate a student perspective to the faculty and administration, and to coordinate the organization and planning of department activities (such as the Happy Hours and Prospective Student Open House). The idea is that both the faculty and students will benefit from graduate student input into relevant decisions. The department as a whole benefit from the institutionalization of knowledge, which means we can stop reinventing the wheel for every Open House. The hope is that the Council will expand over time as students and faculty find ways to improve the graduate experience. We welcome input about projects the Council could coordinate.

Why should I help solve this collective action problem?

While the work of the Council will benefit the department at large, there is also significant personal benefit to be gained from getting involved. In addition to the intrinsic benefit of participation, department service work looks great on a CV. Participation on the Council is an excellent signal of your willingness to serve a future department.

So what will I have to do?

Serving on the Council would not be a major time commitment for any single Council member and the whole Council may rarely (or never) meet in person. We envision the Council informal and loosely connected group where the principle purpose is to organize graduate student leaders within the department. Obligations depend on the specific position, but will revolve around the organization of a specific event. Most communication and “meetings” will be handled via email.

How do I get involved?

We will be holding an open nomination process which closes late October. Details will be sent to the poligrad listserve; for specific questions, please reach out to the VP Social Programming.

2019-2020 Grad Council Members

President: Marco Alcocer
VP Faculty Liaison: Dang Do
VP Social Programming: Nick Smith / Rachel Skillman
Treasurer: Alexandra Lange
VP Recruitment: Mac Lockhart / Greg Phillips / Kevin Rossillon
VP Orientation: Thomas Flaherty / Mariana Carvalho-Barbosa
GSA Representative: Matt Draper / Anthony Anderson

If you have questions or suggestions please feel free to contact the appropriate council member directly.