Collaborative Projects

Our graduate students often have the opportunity to work closely with faculty on collaborative research projects. Below is a listing of recent conference papers, ongoing projects, and publications that our faculty members have produced with former and current graduate students.

Recent Conference Papers & Ongoing Projects

Clark C. Gibson and Barak D. Hoffman, "Making Democrats of Dictators: Foreign Aid and Africa's Political Liberalization."

Kristian Skrede Gleditsch and Jinhee L. Choung. 2004. Autocratic Transitions and Democratization. Paper Presented at the 45th Annual Meeting of the International Studies Association, Montreal, Quebec, 17-20 March.

Zoltan Hajnal and Jessica Trounstine, "Turnout Matters: Local Voter Turnout and Government Spending Priorities."  Under review .

David A. Lake and Angela O'Mahony, "Territory and War: State Size and Patterns of Interstate Conflict. Presented at the conference on Globalization, Territoriality, and Conflict," University of California, San Diego, January 16-17, 2004.

Idean Salehyan and Kristian Skrede Gleditsch. 2004. Refugee Flows and the Spread of Civil War. Paper Present at the 100th Annual Meeting of the American Political Science Association, Chicago, IL, 2-5 September 2-5.

J. Lawrence Broz and Michael Hawes, "Domestic Politics of International Monetary Fund Policy." Delivered at the Public Lectures Committee for the UCLA Department of Political Science, June 2, 2003.

Wayne Cornelius and Idean Salehyan, Controlling Immigration: A Global Perspective, 2nd ed. (Stanford, Calif.: Stanford University Press, forthcoming 2003).

Wayne Cornelius and Jeffrey Weldon, "Politics in Mexico," in preparation for Gabriel A. Almond, G. Bingham Powell, Russell Dalton, and Kaare Strom, eds., Comparative Politics Today: A World View, 8th ed. (New York: Longmans, forthcoming 2003).

Wayne Cornelius and Luis Estrada, "Mobilized Voting in the 2000 Elections: The Changing Efficacy of Vote-Buying and Coercion in Mexican Electoral Politics," to be published in Chappell Lawson and Jorge I. Dominguez, Mexico's 2000 Elections (New York: Cambridge University Press, 2003).

Wayne Cornelius and Alejandra Rios Cazares, in collaboration with David Shirk (Ph.D., UCSD, 2000), Reforming the Administration of Justice in Mexico, three-year research project and book, funded by the Hewlett and Tinker Foundations, based in the Center for U.S.-Mexican Studies (2002-05).


J. Lawrence Broz and Michael Brewster Hawes. "Congressional Politics of Financing the International Monetary Fund."  International Organization (forthcoming, May 2006).

J. Lawrence Broz and Michael Brewster Hawes. "U.S. Domestic Politics and International Monetary Fund Policy."  In Delegation and Agency in International Organizations. Edited by Darren Hawkins, David A. Lake, Daniel Nielson, and Michael J. Tierney. Forthcoming, Cambridge University Press, 2006.

Erik J. Engstrom and Samuel Kernell, "The Impact of Presidential Elections on Party Control of the Senate, 1840-1940," in Process, Party and Policy Making: Further New Perspectives on the History of Congress (David Brady and Mat McCubbins, eds.), Stanford University Press, forthcoming.

Erik J. Engstrom and Samuel Kernell, "Manufactured Responsiveness: The Impact of State Electoral Laws on Unified Party Control of the Presidency and House of Representatives, 1840-1940," American Journal of Political Science, forthcoming. 

Zoltan Hajnal and Jessica Trounstine. "Where Turnout Matters: The Consequences of Uneven Turnout in City Politics" "Forthcoming in the Journal of Politics.

Kristian Skrede Gleditsch and Kyle C. Beardsley. 2004. "Nosy Neighbors: Third Party Actors In Central American Conflicts."  Journal of Conflict Resolution 46:379-402.

Gary C. Jacobson, Samuel Kernell, and Jeff Lazarus, "Assessing the President's Role as Party Agent in Congressional Elections: The Case of Bill Clinton in 2000," Legislative Studies Quarterly vol 29, 2004, pp. 159-184. (Abstract)

David A. Lake and Angela O'Mahony, "The Incredible Shrinking State: Explaining the Territorial Size of Countries," Journal of Conflict Resolution (October 2004).

Matthew A. Baum and David A. Lake, "The Political Economy of Growth: Democracy and Human Capital," American Journal of Political Science, 47, 2 (April 2003): 333-347.

Wayne Cornelius and Idean Salehyan, The End of Bilingual Education in California?--Origins, Implementation, and Short-term Consequences of Proposition 227 (La Jolla, CA.: UCSD Center for Comparative Immigration Studies, 2002).

Kaare Strom and Stephen M. Swindle, "Strategic Parliamentary Dissolution."  American Political Science Review, 2002.

Wayne Cornelius & Idean Salehyan, The International Migration of the Highly Skilled: Demand, Supply, and Development Consequences in Sending and Receiving Countries, (CCIS Anthology Series, 2002).

Gary W. Cox and Jonathan N. Katz, Elbridge Gerry's Salamander (Cambridge:  Cambridge University Press, 2002).

N. Beck and Jonathan N.  Katz, "Throwing Out the Baby with the Bathwater: A Comment on Green, Yoon and Kim," International Organizations, Vol. 55 (2001), pp. 487-95.

Gary W. Cox and Scott Morgenstern, "Latin America's Reactive Assemblies and Proactive Presidents."  Comparative Politics 33(2001):171-190.  [Also appeared as 2001.  "Legislaturas reactivas y presidentes proactivos en América Latina."  Desarollo Económico 41 (163):373-94.]

Alan Houston and Steve Pincus, eds., A Nation Transformed: England After the Restoration (Cambridge University Press, 2001).

Mathew Baum and Samuel Kernell, "Economic Class and Popular Support for Franklin Roosevelt in War and Peace" Public Opinion Quarterly, Summer 2001.

David A. Lake and Matthew A. Baum, "The Invisible Hand of Democracy: Political Control and the Provision of Public Services," Comparative Political Studies 34, 6 (August 2001): 587-621.

Tracy B. Strong and C.N. Dugan, "A Language more Vital than Speech: Music, Language and Politics"  in Patrick Riley, ed. Cambridge Companion to Rousseau (Cambridge University Press, 2001.)

Gary W. Cox and Michael F. Thies, "How Much Does Money Matter?  "Buying" Votes in Japan, 1967-1990," Comparative Political Studies, 33(2000):37-57.

Gary W. Cox, Frances Rosenbluth, and Michael F. Thies, "Electoral Rules, Career Ambitions, and Party Structure:  Conservative Factions in Japan's Upper and Lower Houses."  American Journal of Political Science 44 (2000):115-122.

Tim Groeling and Samuel Kernell, "Congress, the President and Party Competition Via Network News," in John R. Bond and Richard Fleisher (eds) Polarized Politics: Congress and the President in a Partisan Era Washington (CQ Press, 2000.)

Wayne Cornelius and Todd Eisenstadt, eds., Subnational Politics and Democratization in Mexico (La Jolla, Calif.: UCSD Center for U.S.-Mexican Studies, 1999).

Gary W. Cox and Jonathan N. Katz, "The Reapportionment Revolution and Bias in U.S. Congressional Elections,"  American Journal of Political Science, 43(1999):812-41.

Gary W. Cox, Frances Rosenbluth, and Michael F. Thies, "Electoral Reform and the Fate of Factions:  The Case of Japan's LDP,"  British Journal of Political Science, 29(1999):33-56.

Matt Baum and Samuel Kernell, "Has Cable Ended the Golden Age of Presidential Television?"  American Political Science Review, March 1999, pp. 99-114.

Erik Engstrom and Samuel Kernell, "Serving Competing Principals: The Budget Estimates of OMB and CBO in an Era of Divided Government." 29 Presidential Studies Quarterly, December 1999.

Samuel Kernell and M. McDonald, "Congress and America's Political Development: The Transformation of the Post Office from Patronage to Service." American Journal of Political Science, July 1999, pp. 792-811.

N. Beck, Jonathan N. Katz, and Richard Tucker, "Taking Time Seriously : Time-Series/Cross-Section Analysis with a Binary Dependent Variable."   American Journal of Political Science, Vol. 42, No. 4 (October 1998), pp.1260-1288.

Gary W. Cox, Frances Rosenbluth, and Michael F. Thies, "Mobilization, Social Networks and Turnout:  Evidence From Japan,"  World Politics 50(1998):447-474.

Gary W. Cox and Michael F. Thies, "The Cost of Intraparty Competition:  The Single, Nontransferable Vote and Money Politics in Japan," Comparative Political Studies 31(1998):267-91.

Tim Groeling and Sam Kernell, "Is Network Coverage of the President Biased?" Journal of Politics, November 1998, pp. 1063-1087.

David R. Mares and Steven Bernstein, "The Use of Force in Latin American Interstate Relations" in Jorge I. Dominguez, ed., International Security & Democracy: Latin America and the Caribbean in the Post-Cold War Era Pittsburgh: University of Pittsburgh Press, 1998; Spanish language reprint in in Jorge I. Domínguez, ed., Seguridad Internacional, Paz y Democracia en el Cono Sur Santiago: FLACSO-Chile, 1998.

Gary W. Cox and Octavio Amorim Neto, "Electoral Institutions, Cleavage Structures and the Number of Parties," American Journal of Political Science, 41(1997), pp. 149-174.

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Michael Dimock and Gary Jacobson, "Checks and Choices: The House Bank Scandal's Impact on Voters in 1992," Journal of Politics, Vol. 57 (December 1995), pp. 1143-1159.

Tracy B. Strong and Frank Sposito, "Habermas's Significant Other," in Stephen White, ed. Cambridge Companion to Habermas (Cambridge, 1995).

Gary Jacobson and Michael Dimock, "Checking Out: The Effects of Bank Overdrafts on the 1992 House Elections," American Journal of Political Science, Vol. 38 (August, 1994), pp. 601-624.

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Gary W. Cox and James Ingram, "Suffrage Expansion and Legislative Behavior in Nineteenth Century Britain," Social Science History, 16 (1992), pp. 539-60.