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Research Apprenticeship Program

The Department of Political Science invites talented majors to work directly with a departmental mentor for the winter and spring quarters. Each student will collaborate with a doctoral candidate on the mentor’s own research project in the winter and spring quarters. Under the guidance of the mentor the student will write a seminar paper of approximately 20 pages in the spring quarter. Applications received by TBD in FALL 2019 will receive first consideration for the 2019/20 academic year, but positions will remain open until filled.

This year our mentors are Ph.D. candidates in the Department of Political Science. The faculty member in charge is the Department Chair, Thad Kousser.


Participants must be majors in political science with junior or senior standing and a GPA of 3.5 or higher in all political science courses taken at UCSD. Individual projects may require other prerequisite training, such as Political Science 30. (Please read each project description carefully.)

Time Commitment:

During the winter and spring quarters each student must commit to 12 hours per week as a research assistant; during the spring quarter each must also participate in the weekly research seminar and contribute the completion of the jointly authored research paper.

Course Credit:

Students enroll in POLI 198RA in the winter and spring quarters and in the optional POLI 199 course in the spring quarter. Students will receive 4 units for each quarter in POLI 198RA and 4 units for completing the course requirements of a POLI 199 with Professor Thad Kousser.  All three courses may count as major electives. 

Please note that POLI 198RA and POLI 199 are taken on a Pass/Not Pass basis only. By university regulations, no more than one-quarter of an undergraduate’s units toward graduation can be taken on a P/NP basis and no more than two 199s can be counted toward the Political Science major.

POLI 198RA and POLI 199 courses are the only courses allowable for "Pass" credit in the upper division Elective category of the Political Science majors. 

How to Apply: 

[1] Read the project descriptions - TBD

[2] Download and complete the preference form.

[3] Prepare a cover letter and resume. Read the guidelines about the cover letter.

[4] Print your academic record.

[5] E-mail the completed form with a cover letter, resume, and copy of your academic record to the Mentor of each project to which you are applying.

Deadline for First Consideration: TBD