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Academic Policies and Deadlines

The following is academic policy and deadline information that is pertinent to all Political Science majors and students taking Political Science courses.  These deadlines, policies, and procedures should be kept in mind when making changes to any current or future courses.

Academic Quarter Deadlines (does not include Summer Session)

  • The deadline to add courses is the Friday of 2nd week.  The Department does not allow late adds.
  • The deadline to change grading options, change units and drop courses without a W is the Friday of 4th week.
  • EFFECTIVE FALL 2018: The deadline to drop courses with a "W" is the Friday of Week 6 for undergraduate students.

See the current Enrollment and Registration Calendar for specific deadline dates.  Be sure that you are reading the dates for the current academic year. 


W grades

A student may receive a maximum of one W per course per Academic Senate Regulation 500(F)(C),  Keep in mind that if you have already received a W for a course, you may not drop that same course after 4th week the second time you take it.

Retaking classes

You can only repeat classes for which you receive a D or an F.  If you retake a class where you received a grade higher than a D, you will not receive units for it, nor will it replace the old grade in your GPA. For information on how to repeat a class and eligibility, please visit Special Enrollment website.

If you wish to retake a course for the third time you must contact your college first for approval.

P/NP vs Letter Grade

The Department of Political Science requires that all students take their major required coursework for a letter grade.  This includes all lower division and upper division work.  The only exception to this rule is for courses that do not offer a letter grade option (such as POLI 199). 

Major GPA

All Political Science majors must earn a 2.0 Major GPA to be eligible to graduate with a Political Science degree.  When calculating a student’s major GPA (for reasons such as determining eligibility in the Senior Honors Seminar), the Department uses ALL Political Science courses taken at UCSD. 



Exceptions to the published University deadlines and policies are usually granted only in extenuating circumstances beyond your control (computer error, hospitalization, etc.). Supporting documentation is required.   Consult with an academic advisor if you have questions.


  • If a class you hope to add is full, get on the WebReg waitlist during your appointment time (Waitlisting is only available during second pass).
  • The waitlist sequence is first-come, first-served. Be sure to enroll during your appointment time.
  • An automated computer program will move eligible students off the WebReg waitlists and into classes as seats become available. It will run nightly through the end of the second week of the quarter.
  • The program will send messages to your @ucsd email if you are added to the class via waitlist.
  • The Department cannot manipulate the waitlist or bump students to the front of the waitlist, regardless of circumstance or whether or not you are a Political Science major.  NO exceptions.


  • Students are eligible for an Incomplete if 1). something beyond the student’s control is preventing the student from completing coursework by the end of the quarter; and 2). The student is currently passing the course. 
  • You MUST request and receive instructor approval for an  Incomplete. An Incomplete must be requested before the final.  
  • You must complete the work to remove the Incomplete on or before the date agreed upon with the instructor and in time for the instructor to assign a grade BEFORE THE END OF THE FOLLOWING QUARTER.
  • Failure to complete this work within the time limit will result in the “I” lapsing to a permanent “F” grade.
  • For justifiable reasons such as illness, you may petition your College to extend the Incomplete one quarter.  These petitions must have prior approval of the instructor and the Department.  The petition must include the reasons for requesting the extension, how and when the “I” is to completed and must be filed BEFORE the Incomplete lapses to a “Failing” grade.  The extension cannot be made retroactively.

Concurrent Enrollment

UCSD Extension Students wishing to take a Political Science course should first meet with UCSD Extension and then complete the following steps:

  • Attend Lecture through the end of week 2.
  • Beginning week 3 but not prior to week 3, bring in your Concurrent Enrollment Card to the Political Science Department in SSB 301. If there is room in the course, a student affairs officer will then stamp your Concurrent Enrollment Card.

If you have questions not answered on this page you may submit a question via the Virtual Advising Center or come in for walk-in advising.  We do not answer advising questions via email or telephone.

 Buckley Waiver

You can find the Buckley Waiver for the Political Science here.