The Initiative at Work

Students enrolled in Public Law courses learn a great deal about the academic and professional expectations within law school and a variety of legal professions. Thanks to their professors' connections to the legal field and UCSD alumni engagement, students in these courses are able to engage with a variety of professionals that represent various law schools, faculty who teach within law schools, local lawyers and attorneys, court judges, current law school students and recent alumni, as well as those who focus on preparing students to succeed within law school and on the California bar exam. 

Below is a collection of exemplary student work stemming from the pre-law courses, pictures from professional law-oriented events, and testimonials from students and alumni highlighting the benefits of participating in these opportunities.

The UC San Diego Krinsk-Houston Law & Politics Initiative thanks the support of alumni, donors, faculty, and staff who are dedicated to providing opportunities for growth and excellence for Political Science students. 

Student Work

Legal Commentary - Same Sex Adoption

Legal Commentary - Felony Disenfranchisement

Legal Commentary - Third Party Liability

Office Memo - Alien Torts Office

Office Memo - Gerrymandering

Office Memo - ICWA

Presentation - Anti-Trust in Sports

Presentation - Real Estate

Presentation - Felon Disenfranchisement 


Winter 2017 & Spring 2017 - POLI 104J and POLI 104K


Photos from Classes and Events