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Transferring From Another Institution

At least ten courses in political science must be taken in residence at UCSD. A total maximum of six courses may be taken elsewhere and applied toward the major. This applies to transfer students, students who pass the AP exam(s), students who study abroad on the Education Abroad Program (EAP) or the Opportunities Abroad Program (OAP), and students who take political science courses at another 4 year university (including UCs). Students planning to transfer course work completed elsewhere are urged to consult an undergraduate student affairs advisor.

Four-year Institutions

Upper Division - Prior to taking an upper-division political science course at another four-year institution, please submit the course syllabus or check with an undergraduate advisor to determine whether the course may be applied to the political science major at UCSD, or if coursework may be applied to your area of concentration. It cannot be a duplicate of any course already taken. The course must be a political science course, upper-division, at least four units and transfer with a grade of C- or better.

If the other institution offers political science-type courses through an interdisciplinary department (i.e., Law and Politics) be sure to check with an undergraduate advisor prior to taking the course in order to ensure credit upon your return to UCSD.

Lower Division - If you take a lower-division course at another four-year institution with the same title as any of the lower-division courses in political science offered art UCSD, you will be allowed to apply it toward the major, i.e. Introduction to American Politics = POLI 10 at UCSD. If you are unsure about the course, check with an undergraduate advisor prior to taking it.

Community Colleges

Please visit ASSIST to determine which lower-division courses taken at a California community college will transfer to the Political Science major at UCSD. Contact an undergraduate advisor if you have taken a Political Science course at a California community college which is not listed on

Receiving Credit: Make sure you have your transcript sent to UCSD Admissions in order that the course can be posted to your transcript. If you plan to take your last course(s) at another institution, check with your college to determine if a Senior Residency Waiver will be required.

Distance and Online Instruction

For information, please read about UCSD's policy on distance and online instruction.