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Where do I retrieve my exams and finals for a course? Those exams on which a Buckley waiver has been affixed are made available for retrieval after final exam week. Because of the large number of exams, this is not a quick turnaround so we ask that you not come in the day on which you have completed an exam and ask for yours to be returned. It is a large, cumbersome task and takes time to organize. Once the spring quarter commences, the exams will be made available in the cubbies in the outside hallway next to the third floor elevator near the faculty offices. As soon as your instructor has placed your class exams in the cubbies, you may retrieve. If you are unable to locate your exam, please discuss this with the instructor. Department staff do not have exams nor are they able to assist with locating your exams. Exams are kept for one full quarter and they are then shredded.

I would like to take an Incomplete in a course.
University policy states that the request for an Incomplete is designed to accommodate those students who have work of non failing quality and have circumstances beyond their control, i.e., hospitalization, etc. The use of an Incomplete is not to be for travel plans or other situations which are within the control of the student. Requests for Incompletes are due to the department by Friday of finals week, as per university policy. Late requests will not be accommodated.

I have an existing Incomplete and would like to find out how to extend this.
Under extraordinary circumstances an Incomplete may be extended; however, documentation is required to support the situation. An example of this would be illness was the reason for the filing of the original incomplete and the illness has continued and the student has been unable to complete the course. The student is required to submit original documentation from a medical provider stating very clearly the date(s) within which the student was unable to perform school work. Any request for an extension of an Incomplete will not be supported by the department unless the student is able to provide documentation as described.

I find that I have two final exams scheduled for the same day. What am I allowed to do?
University policy allows students to take two final exams on the same day. In a situation where a student is enrolling into two courses and the final exams fall on the same day/time, the student is advised to choose between the courses. No special arrangements are allowed. If a student has enrolled in three courses and the final exams are on the same day, the student needs to make a request of one of the instructors for special arrangements. No instructor is obligated to provide such an arrangement. It is the responsibility of each student to check the final exam schedule when they are enrolling into courses for each quarter.

I received a grade in a course and do not agree with it.
All courses are final once an instructor has submitted their grades for a course to the Registrar. Grade appeals are considered only when non-academic criteria has been used or a course instructor has clearly erred in entering the grade. All discussions regarding grade appeals must begin with the instructor of record.

I have not received a grade in a course. What can I do?
If the final published grade deadline has passed and a grade is not posted for a student, the student should first contact the instructor. Most missing-grade issues are easily resolved once the student brings that to the attention of the instructor.

I have a grade from a previous quarter and would like to discuss it with the instructor but they are not on campus any longer. What can I do?
Please contact one of the undergraduate advisors to inquire if a current e-mail is available for you to contact this instructor.

How do I change my grading option?
Grading options may be changed on WebReg within the published deadline. You may find more informationon how to change your grading option on Tritonlink. Change of grading option requests past the published deadline will not be considered.

Graduate School

Which Political Science major is better for graduate school ? For Law School?
You may find information regarding graduate school for Political Science majors at: http://polisci.ucsd.edu/undergrad/resources/graduate_school.html
Questions regarding law school should be directed to the Law School advisors in Career Services Center.

What kinds of careers does a Political Science Degree lead to?
Careers and the Study of Political Science: A Guide for Undergraduates

You may find additional information at: careers.ucsd.edu

I'm interested in internships. Where can I find information? Like our Facebook page: "Political Science Chair's Desk at UCSD"! We update the page often as outside organizations contact us about relevant internships. While internships are not allowable for the major, we encourage students to participate in opportunities for networking and work experience.

Enrolling/Dropping Classes

How do I add a class that's full?
If a class you wish to enroll in is full, you need to add yourself to the waitlist. The waitlist system is automated and if an enrolled student drops, you will be added in the order of the waitlist, i.e., as one student drops, the first person on the waitlist is enrolled.

How do I add/drop a course?
You may drop the course on WebReg. Follow the deadline for adding/dropping as no exceptions can be made to any missed deadlines.

How do I enroll in the senior honors seminar?
You may find more information here: http://polisci.ucsd.edu/undergrad/honors-program/index.html

How do I enroll in an Independent Study?

Special Studies Form

Transfer Students

I am a transfer student. How do I know which classes to enroll in?Once your community college courses have transferred to UCSD, please contact the Virtual Advising Center for assistance. Please wait until your courses are reflected on your UCSD transcript before doing this.

I want to transfer to UCSD. How do I know which courses from my community college will transfer to the Political Science major at UCSD?The website www.assist.orgwill assist you in determining which of your community college political science courses will transfer to the UCSD POLI major.

I transferred in POLI 10, 11 & 12, does this mean I need to take POLI 13 at UCSD? No. The requirement that you must take an extra course at UCSD if you have transferred in your lower-division introductory sequence courses to UCSD has been deleted. 

How do I know if my community college/4 year college courses have transferred to the POLI major? Please visit www.assist.orgfor a list of articulated community college courses with UCSD. Please visit the Virtual Advising Centerfor any questions regarding 4 year college courses. If you are admitted to UCSD but not yet enrolled in classes, please send an e-mail to askpolisci@ucsd.edu. Once you have enrolled in classes, please use the VAC.

You may find additional information here:


Incoming Freshman

How do I enroll in a Freshman Seminar? If you are a freshman with freshman standing, go ahead and enroll in the seminar, if it still has room. If you are a freshman with sophomore standing and need authorization to enroll, please send an e-mail to askpolisci@ucsd.eduwith your name, PID #, and the section ID of the seminar in which you wish to enroll.

What are my major requirements? You can find more information about the Political Science major here: http://polisci.ucsd.edu/undergrad/major-and-minor-requirements/index.html

Study Abroad

I am going to study abroad next quarter. What steps should I take? You may find more information at the study abroad page: http://polisci.ucsd.edu/undergrad/study-abroad/index.html.

I have the Programs Abroad Academic Planning Form. How do I get it signed? Please bring the form to the Political Science Department where it will be reviewed and signed. You will receive an e-mail in your UCSD account once the form has been signed instructing you to pick it up.

I have returned from studying abroad and want my courses to count for my major/minor. What do I do? Upon returning from studying abroad, you must petition each course you want to count for the major. This is the case even if you received pre-approval prior to traveling abroad. You may download the forms to petition the courses here: http://polisci.ucsd.edu/undergrad/study-abroad/index.html


Are Pass grades allowable for the major? No. All courses taken for the major and minor must be taken for a letter grade. A grade of C- or better is allowable for the major and minor.

Are Internships allowable for the major? No. Internships are never allowable for the Political Science major credit.

What do I need to do to Double Major? You may obtain the double major petition from your College. Please complete the form and the quarter by quarter plan and write the statement of purpose before seeing a political science advisor.

Which classes will overlap with my double major?If you plan to double major in Political Science and Economics, ECON 120A & ECON 120B will overlap with the Political Science major and will waive the POLI 30 major requirement, as long as a grade of C- or better is received in both courses.


What courses will count for the minor? You may find more information regarding the Political Science minor here: http://polisci.ucsd.edu/undergrad/major-and-minor-requirements/minor.html.

How do I change my minor to Political Science? You may change you minor online at Tritonlink: http://students.ucsd.edu/academics/advising/majors-minors/declare-a-minor.html

Alternative Exams

University policy on alternative exams may be found in the UCSD catalog: http://www.ucsd.edu/catalog/front/AcadRegu.html

An instructor may administer an examination at an alternative time if a valid reason is given by the student for not taking the regularly scheduled examination. Valid reasons include: serious illness and family disasters. Rescheduling as a result of a religious obligation is governed by the UCSD Policy on Religious Accommodation.

In adherence to this policy, the Political Science Department will be unable to accommodate students who have 2 finals on the same day or at the same time. All final times are posted on Tritonlink when students enroll in courses, and it is each student's responsibility to ensure that the student does not enroll in two courses with finals at the same time.

University policy (http://www.ucsd.edu/catalog/front/AcadRegu.html) states that all grades are final and may only be changed because of a clerical error. If you believe that a clerical error has been made, please contact the course instructor or TA before contacting the department. If the instructor finds a clerical error, he or she may make a grade change directly on eGrades.

Please contact the course instructor directly to inquire about your grade. Only faculty can make grade changes; staff are no longer involved in the grade change process.