Research Methods - PS 170 through 181

170A. Introductory Statistics for Political Science and Public Policy (4)

This course is an advanced introductory course for undergraduates. It will acquaint students with statistical methodology as it is used in the social sciences. It is assumed that the student has the mathematical aptitude to progress through the materials a bit faster than in a true introductory course. Prerequisite: POLI 30or 30D or consent of instructor.

171. Making Policy with Data (4)

This class explores how we can make policy recommendations using data. We attempt to establish causal relationships between policy interventions and outcomes based on statistical evidence. Hands-on examples will be provided throughout the course.

172. Advanced Social Data Analytics (4)

An accelerated course in computer programming and data analytics for collecting, analyzing, and understanding data in the social world. Students engage in hands-on learning with applied social science problems, developing statistical and computational skills for sophisticated data manipulation, analysis, visualization. Prerequisite: POLI 30 or 30D or consent of instructor.

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