Event Coordination for Political Science

UCSD Guidelines and Information

Entertainment Guidelines: http://blink.ucsd.edu/travel/entertainment/approval/#guide

Political Science Faculty Host Checklist

  • Extend initial invitation and finalize event date(s) with speaker.
  • Using the Event Planning Form, provide Event Coordinator with as much information as possible about the event. Please give as much advance notice as possible (preferably one month).
  • Inform Event Coordinator of the transportation plans you make for speaker during their stay (from airport to hotel, to UCSD, etc.).
  • Arrange for lunch and dinner the day and night of visit.
  • Reserve A/V, i.e., laptop, projector, conference phone, with Event Coordinator.
  • Facilitate lodging options by directing speaker to recommended hotel accomodations; speaker will be reimbursed accordingly by department.
  • Finalize meeting schedule for speaker's visit by following-up with the Event Coordinator.
  • Act as facilitator or communicator in the event that the speaker is not responding to the event coordinator's request for information regarding details of his/her visit.

Day of Event Logistics

  • Arrange for a colleague (faculty member or graduate student) to assist the speaker throughout their visit (i.e., getting them from place to place, knowing where to go for lunch or dinner, etc.) and inform Event Coordinator.
  • Coordinate the pick-up and return of key for venue.
  • SIGN-IN SHEET: All catered meetings or talks must provide a sign-in sheet and return to the Event Coordinator in SSB 301.
  • Ensure A/V equipment is returned in its proper working condition.
  • For dining at the Faculty Club, you may retrieve the faculty club card from Event Coordinator in SSB 301. Promptly return the card with the receipt and names of attendees.


The Faculty Host for each speaker series is reponsible for staying within the allotted budget. Typical allowable expenses include:

Entertainment Guidelines

  • Meal reimbursement is typically approved for one lunch and one dinner per speaker.
  • Reimbursement for alcohol is available for faculty on a funds-available basis only.
  • Reimbursement of expenses involving the spouse/partner of a guest of caulty member is considered exceptional entertainment and is only possible with the approval of the Vice Chancellor or designee.
    • A short written explanation detailing the legitimate business purpose of the spouse/partner's attendance must be provided.

Guest/Participant list

A guest or participant list is required for meetings and all entertainment, but is not required for programmatic activities.


A Use of Alcoholic and/or Malt Beverages Form (PPM 510) (PDF) is required for alcoholic beverages served on campus property. Please fill out the form and submit to Event Coordinator at least FOUR weeks before event to allow adequate time for routing to campus administration for approval.

Please also refer to the University's policy on consumption of alcoholic beverages.

Events Off Campus

If an event is held at your house, the University has no control of your premises. In case of an accident during this event your home insurance will be the primary and UCSD's secondary.

UCSD recommends that there be two people from the department supervising the event. Please designate two faculty members to provide such supervision.

Event Coordinator

Christina Butler
Department of Political Science
Social Science Building, 301
Phone: 858-534-7370
Fax: 858-534-7130

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