The Pre-Law Program will have four components:

Expanded Pre-Law Classes:

Attorneys repeatedly tell us that neither law school nor an undergraduate education arm you with the practical skills necessary to be a successful lawyer. We will resolve that. Our pre-law classes are small, hands-on, seminar-style classes that expose students to legal writing (e.g. crafting memos), reasoning (e.g. synthesizing and digesting case law), and oral advocacy (e.g. mock arguments). These classes also integrate attorneys into the classroom as guest lecturers, coaches, and mentors.


"These classes [Legal Reasoning and Moot Court] were invaluable in helping me make the choice to attend law school. I have a long way to go in developing my legal understanding but, taking the 104 series helped me to identity my strengths and weaknesses as well as furthers my understanding of the current legal landscape."

-2017 Student Testimonial

  • Introduction to Legal Reasoning: the building-blocks of legal writing and reasoning. Students learn basic legal analysis, making and supporting a position, as well as legal skills like crafting intra-office memos. For the final, students demonstrate the rudiments of legal research by presenting contemporary legal reasoning on key issues.


  1. Moot Court: students are given an appellate court case and taught the legal analysis skills necessary to succeed in court. Legal professionals and alumni coach students in the classroom, helping them write briefs and to prepare for their final: a simulated oral argument where they present in front of a panel of mock judges.


  1. Science Technology and Law: science and technology advance rapidly. The law is slow to catch-up. This is the premise of this class, taught by alumnus and retired judge, Michael Orfield ‘72. Judge Orfield presents various case studies (e.g. driverless cars) and students lead arguments in favor and against.

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Internships are among the best avenues for students to better understand the legal profession and foster the skills necessary for success.


US Attorney’s Office: Acting US Attorney for San Diego and Imperial County, Alana Robinson ’85, has opened her doors to undergraduate students. They will come to her office to shadow US Attorneys, participate in open houses, and apply for the robust internship program.


Connections to Industry

UC San Diego’s chapter of Phi Alpha Delta (pre-law fraternity) is a close partner of many of our efforts. We work together to connect undergraduates to professionals that will illuminate career paths, share industry and law school advice, and act as mentors.

  1. Legal Professionals Mixer: sponsored and led by Len Shulman ‘83 (Shulman Hodges & Bastian), we welcomed 30 attorneys and 60+ students for an evening of networking and engagement.


  1. California Supreme Court Justice Goodwin Liu Career Talk: Justice Liu led an intimate career discussion (moderated by Prof. Joseph Wong) to 50 students, alumni, and community members.


Legal Professionals Mixer, February 2017

  • Law Firm Triton Tables: Craig Sapin ‘78, Craig Ramseyer and Jason Femrite ‘96 of Procopio and John Edson ’92 of Sheppard Mullin hosted pre-law students of Phi Alpha Delta to share career advice and educate students about the day-to-day of being an attorney.


  1. Interview and Resume Workshop: Craig Nicholas ’92 and Alex Tomasevic (Managing Partner and Partner of Nicholas & Tomasevic) led a workshop to help pre-law students hone their interviewing, networking, and resume-building skills.