Verónica Hoyo

Comparative Politics, Political Parties, Immigration, Political Behaviour, Latin America, Western Europe

DISSERTATION TITLE: Outsider Politics: Radicalism as a Political Strategy in Western Europe and Latin America

DESCRIPTION: My research is centered on the role of political parties, their strategies and the nature of voter preferences in contemporary democratic politics. In my dissertation, I examined the competitive dynamics of outsider political parties across 30 democracies in Western Europe and Latin America. Political parties face different incentives and opportunities depending on the initial conditions of competition within their party systems. In contrast to conventional wisdom, I argue that radical parties do not conform to the classic left-right, unidimensional continuum but rather that they are constantly seeking to redefine the political spectrum. Radicalism is, thus, a strategy of entry and of persuasion for those outsider parties who are currently shunned from the system and who are seeking to break into it. By moving beyond the lenses of ideology, this approach allows us to address our current realities, namely the multidimensionality of voter preferences and the politicisation of social cleavages in a globalised world.

COMMITTEE: William Chandler; Chair, Matthew S. Shugart; Co-Chair, Kaare Strom, Sebastián Saiegh, Akos Rona-Tas (Sociology)