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Darren Schreiber

Assistant Professor of Political Science
Ph.D. UCLA, 2005
American Politics, Political Psychology, Complexity Theory

Professor Darren Schreiber's research centers on emergence and complexity in political systems. He studied Politics, Philosophy, and Economics as an undergraduate at Claremont McKenna College. After college he attended U.C Davis School of Law, where he focused on civil rights litigation and had his first federal jury trial at age 23. He then specialized in federal litigation at the 100 year-old law firm of Neumiller and Beardslee. Unsatisfied with the intellectual life of a lawyer, Darren moved to academia. While earning his Ph.D. in Political Science at UCLA, Darren developed an agent-based computer simulation of the formation and dynamics of political parties. His dissertation research used functional brain imaging (fMRI) to study the neural substrates of political cognition and affect. He has shown that ideological sophisticates differ from political novices in their heightened use of the posterior cingulate, a brain region associated with automatic social evaluation. His long-term objective is to integrate his agent-based models of macro political dynamics with his computational model of political cognition in individuals in order to illuminate the emergence of political ideology in mass publics. Prior to coming to UCSD, he served as Research Director at the Center of Excellence in Cancer Communication Research at the Annenberg School of Communication, University of Pennsylvania.

Contact Information
Phone: (858) 534-1854
Office: SSB 367