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Nathan Fletcher

Professor of Practice
Political Science

Nathan Fletcher is the Senior Director of Corporate Development for Qualcomm, Inc.  He also serves as the first Professor of Practice at the University of California San Diego where he teaches Political Science.

Nathan is a former State Assemblyman who represented California's 75th District. He was the first combat veteran of the Global War on Terror to serve in the California State Legislature.

During his time in office, Fletcher was a leader working hard to find solutions and deliver results.  He authored more than 30 pieces of legislation that where signed into law, including bills relating to veterans, job creation, water infrastructure, pension reform, modernization of state government, health care, and public safety.  Assemblyman Fletcher was consistently rated one the most effective legislators in California and has been honored as legislator of the year by diverse groups such as BIOCOM, Tech America, Veterans of Foreign War, Crime Victims United, the Black Chamber of Commerce, along with many others. 

Assemblyman Fletcher is the author of Chelsea's Law - landmark legislation that reformed the way California deals with violent sexual predators who target children. This landmark bill includes a true life without parole sentencing option for the most serious first-time offenders, fifty-one separate penalty increases for sex crimes perpetrated against children, the allowance for lifetime parole, and polygraph testing for sex offenders on parole. 

A frequent commentator, advocate, and public speaker Fletcher has appeared on programs including The Today Show, Larry King Live, MSNBC’s Hardball, CNN, Dr. Phil and in national print publication like the New York Times, Los Angeles Times, and many others.  He currently serves as a news analyst and commentator for Fox 5 San Diego and columnist for San Diego Magazine.

In addition to his work in California, Fletcher has been a leader abroad.  He is a champion for the democratic process and has spent time abroad working with philanthropic non-governmental organizations to build and improve democracies in Myanmar, East Timor, Cambodia and Serbia. Fletcher has also participated in international delegation trips to foster relationships and strengthen cultural ties.  These trips including visits to Mexico, China, and Korea focused on relationship building including personal visits with top leaders like Mexican President Calderon, but also engagement with businesses looking to expand their presence in America.

 Before his election to the California Legislature, Fletcher served honorably in the military, the community and the political arena.

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Office: SSB 362

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