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Faculty Directory

The political science faculty at UCSD is comprised of internationally recognized scholars across a wide range of specialties. To contact any of us (and we particularly invite you to ask about our work with graduate students), we suggest you use e-mail or come by during scheduled office hours.


(E) Emeritus


Peter Cowhey (IR/PS)
Nathan Fletcher* (PoliSci)
Harvey Goldman (Sociology)
*Professor of Practice
Stephan Haggard (IR/PS)
Daniel Hallin
Marcel Henaff (Literature)
Ellis Krauss (IR/PS)
Richard Kronick (SOM-FPM)
Susan Shirk (IR/PS)
Barbara Walter (IR/PS)


S. Nageeb Ali (Economics)
Eli Berman (Economics)
Julian Betts (Economics)
Richard Carson (Economics)
Julie Cullen (Economics)
Jesse Driscoll (IR/PS)
Jerry Doppelt (Philosophy)
Richard Feinberg (IR/PS)
Joshua Graff Zivin (IR/PS)
Gordon Hanson (IR/PS)
Takeo Hoshi (IR/PS)
Richard Madsen (Sociology)
Isaac Martin (Sociology)
Craig McKenzie (Rady/Psych)
Craig McIntosh (IR/PS)
Marc Muendler (Economics)
Barry Naughton (IR/PS)
Michael Parrish (History)
James Rauch (Economics)
Krislert Samphantharak (IR/PS)
Gershon Shafir (Sociology)
Joel Sobel (Economics)
Carlos Waisman (Sociology)
Joel Watson (Economics)

David Victor (IR/PS)
Jong-Sung You (IR/PS)


Department Officers

Department Chair:
Philip Roeder

Director of Graduate Studies:
Karen Ferree

Director of Undergraduate Studies:
Gary Jacobson

2014-15 Field Coordinators

American Politics:
Thad Kousser
Political Theory:

Gerald Mackie

Comparative Politics:
Claire Adida
International Relations:
Branislav Slantchev
Seth Hill