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The political science faculty at UCSD is comprised of internationally recognized scholars across a wide range of specialties. To contact any of us (and we particularly invite you to ask about our work with graduate students), we suggest you use e-mail or come by during scheduled office hours.


(E) Emeritus


Peter Cowhey (IR/PS)
Nathan Fletcher* (PoliSci)
Harvey Goldman (Sociology)
*Professor of Practice
Stephan Haggard (IR/PS)
Daniel Hallin
Marcel Henaff (Literature)
Ellis Krauss (IR/PS)
Richard Kronick (SOM-FPM)
Susan Shirk (IR/PS)
Barbara Walter (IR/PS)


S. Nageeb Ali (Economics)
Eli Berman (Economics)
Julian Betts (Economics)
Richard Carson (Economics)
Julie Cullen (Economics)
Jesse Driscoll (IR/PS)
Jerry Doppelt (Philosophy)
Richard Feinberg (IR/PS)
Joshua Graff Zivin (IR/PS)
Gordon Hanson (IR/PS)
Takeo Hoshi (IR/PS)
Richard Madsen (Sociology)
Isaac Martin (Sociology)
Craig McKenzie (Rady/Psych)
Craig McIntosh (IR/PS)
Marc Muendler (Economics)
Barry Naughton (IR/PS)
Michael Parrish (History)
James Rauch (Economics)
Krislert Samphantharak (IR/PS)
Gershon Shafir (Sociology)
Joel Sobel (Economics)
Carlos Waisman (Sociology)
Joel Watson (Economics)

David Victor (IR/PS)
Jong-Sung You (IR/PS)


Richard Bolar, Associate In
Aaron Cotkin, Associate In
David Fisk
, Lecturer
Peter Galderisi, Lecturer

Kyle Haines, Associate In
Mark Heller, Lecturer
Alex (Douglas) Hughes, Associate In
John LeJeune, Lecturer
Justin Levitt, Associate In

Glenn Smith, Visiting Professor
Mattheus Stephens, Lecturer
Devesh Tiwari, Associate In
Randy Willoughby, Visiting Professor

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Department Officers

Department Chair:
Philip Roeder

Director of Graduate Studies:
Karen Ferree

Director of Undergraduate Studies:
Gary Jacobson

2014-15 Field Coordinators

American Politics:
Thad Kousser
Political Theory:

Gerald Mackie

Comparative Politics:
Claire Adida
International Relations:
Branislav Slantchev
Seth Hill